As the new government is to present the Railway budget on July 8

The railway timetable and trains at a glance which came into effect on July 1, 2013 will remain valid up to August 31 this year.

Normally, the new timetable used to be released at June-end and come into effect on July 1. This year, the timetable and trains at a glance will come into effect on September 1.

Sources said the release was being deferred as the new government was to present the Railway budget on July 8. However, changes in train numbers and the schedule of train services would come into effect in the first and second week of July.

The following trains are being renumbered and made superfast trains with changes in departure and arrival timings for some of the trains:

Chennai Central-Mangalore Central-Chennai West Coast Express no.16627/8 renumbered as 22637/8 and Chennai Central-Alleppey-Chennai Central Express no. 16041/16042 renumbered as 22639/22640 from July 13.

The Thiruvananthapuram-Shalimar-Thiruvananthapuram bi-weekly Express no 16323/4 is being renumbered as 22641/2 from July 12 and from July 13 in the return direction.

The Ernakulam-Patna Junction-Ernakulam Bi-Weekly Express no. 16309/10 is renumbered as 22643/44 with effect from July 14 and in the return direction from July 17. There will be changes in the arrival and departure timings of this train in the en-route stations during its run inside Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The Indore Junction-Thiruvananthapuram-Indore Ahilayangari Express no. 16325/6 is being renumbered as 22645/22646 with effect from July 12 and in the return direction from July 12.

The Korba-Thiruvananthapuram Central-Korba bi-weekly express train number 16327/8 is being renumbered as 22647/8 with effect from July 16 and in the return direction on July 14.

The Chennai Central-Erode-Chennai Central Yercaud Express no. 16669/16670 is being renumbered as 22649/50 with effect from July 13 and the Chennai Central-Palani-Chennai Central Express no. 16001/02 is being renumbered as 22651/2 from the same date.

Diversion via Coimbatore

No. 12623/24 Chennai Central-Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Central Mail, diverted through Coimbatore from July 1, will depart from Chennai Central at 19.45 hours and arrive in Coimbatore at 02.45 hours before reaching Thiruvananthapuram at 11.45 hours.

In the return direction, it will leave Thiruvananthapuram at 14.05 hours and reach Coimbatore at 23.45 hours, and Chennai Central at 07.30 a.m. Similarly, the Yesvantpur-Kannur Express will leave at 20.00 hours and reach Coimbatore at 03.20 hours, and Kannur at 09.20 hours.

It will leave Kannur at 18.00 hours and reach Coimbatore at 23.35 hours, and Yesvantpur at 7.40 hours. Consequent to the diversion, the stoppage for this train at Podanur is removed from July 1.

Change in days of service

No. 15905 Kanyakumari-Dirburgarh Vivek Express will leave Kanyakumari at 23.00 hours on Thursdays, instead of at 14.45 hours on Saturdays. It will leave Dirburgarh at 07.15 hours on Mondays, instead of at 03.30 hours on Wednesdays.

In view of the diversion of trains through Coimbatore, there will be changes in the arrival and departure timings of 10 trains: three departing from Coimbatore and seven of them passing through Coimbatore.