In a rare occurrence, an Indian python has laid 15 eggs in captivity at its enclosure in the Forest Department complex here on Tuesday.

According to Deputy Conservator of Forests A. Anil Kumar, pythons have rarely been found to mate in captivity and give birth to young ones. In this case, the female python had mated with the male in the same enclosure in March.

He said that it would take anywhere between 60 to 90 days for the eggs to hatch. As a precaution, the male in the enclosure has been removed and put in another shelter to avoid the eggs being eaten by the snake.

Pythons' characteristic

Mr. Anil Kumar said that unlike other snakes which leave the eggs and go away once they were laid, the pythons stay with the eggs till they hatch. The snake will avoid eating for the next one week after which it would be fed with live birds, he said.