V.K. Sasikala, a co-accused in the disproportionate assets case against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, on Wednesday alleged that Chennai police had violated the court order during the raids conducted at Jayalalithaa's residence in 1996.

Replying to a question during recording of her statement under section 313 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC) before the Special Court here, she alleged that the Chennai police had violated the court order in taking the seized watches to the Anti-Corruption Department for valuation instead of estimating the value at Ms. Jayalalithaa's residence itself.

She also accused the police of threatening and forcing the valuer to give high value for the seized watches.

Answering another query, she claimed that the police had brought in unused and new footwear to inflate the value.

Ms. Sasikala has also alleged that some saris were brought by the police in cartons.

“Some of these saris fell while removing the boxes from the vehicle, and this was noticed by workers employed by Jayalalithaa. These saris were then valued along with saris in the residence,” she replied to another question.