‘The ancient Chinese martial art will help to acquire positive energy and improve general health’

Commandos attached to the Special Action Group (SAG) of the Chennai Police have turned to ‘Tai Chi’, the ancient Chinese martial art, to have a better control over body and mind.

The first batch of 60 commandos is undergoing a 48-day basic course in ‘Tai Chi’ at the Rajarathinam Stadium here. On the instructions of Police Commissioner S. George, the training module for the SAG has been designed to accommodate karate, ‘Tai Chi’ and other self-defence exercises.

Instructor and Sub-Inspector M. Dhanasekaran said this was the first time that ‘Tai Chi’ had been included in the module. SAG teams are deployed strategically across the city and respond to any exigency within minutes.

“Besides self-defence skills, ‘Tai Chi’ will help to acquire positive energy and improve general health. Many police personnel develop hypertension or diabetes owing to work pressure and lifestyle. This art form helps in preventing such ailments,” Mr. Dhanasekaran said.

When contacted, K. Boo, a senior ‘Tai Chi’ teacher, said the art was suitable for all ages.

“The gentle exercises aid digestion, relax the nervous system, strengthen the heart and refresh the skin. It helps to relieve stress and concentrate better … it only requires a small space and at least 30 minutes to practice,” he said.

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