The Madras High Court has dismissed a petition seeking to restrain the authorities from constructing public toilets on lands allegedly belonging to petitioners in Ayodhyapattinam village in Salem.

“Grama natham”

In his order on the petitions by R.Tamilarasi and three others, Justice K.Chandru said the authorities had clearly demonstrated that there was a necessity to build toilets as there were 50 Dalit families living in the area. Further, the land in question was “grama natham.”

Safeguards taken

Sufficient safeguards had been taken to avoid any seepage.

The toilets were being constructed with modern ideas. It was also stated that funds had been sanctioned and construction was in an advanced stage.

Mr.Justice Chandru said being conscious of the public need, the town panchayat had passed a resolution unanimously to construct the toilets for the needy people. It was not for the petitioners to forestall such efforts. Since the construction was in an advanced stage, the petitioners could not challenge the move on untenable grounds. The petitioners had never questioned the panchayat’s resolution.

The contentions could not be accepted, the Judge said.