A public interest litigation petition has been filed in the Madras High Court seeking a direction to the State government to take over the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), with all its property, and run it as a sports organisation for the betterment of aspiring young cricketers.

This is the second writ petition filed in a week against the TNCA. Last week, Bharathi Cricket Club, Shenoynagar, filed a petition seeking a direction to the government to take action against TNCA president N. Srinivasan and other members of the executive committee for alleged mismanagement and improper functioning of the committee.

In the present petition, the Singaravelar Memorial Cricket Club, affiliated to the TNCA, Mylapore, represented by its president, Kathiravan, said cricket had been hit by a series of betting scandals in recent years. Players and bookies had been arrested. In Tamil Nadu, cricket was being managed by the TNCA. However, it had now come to light that the son-in-law of the association president himself was allegedly involved in the IPL betting scam and had been arrested. He said if the association’s activities were allowed to go unchecked, it would result in formation of cartels to decide the outcome of games.


Police issue notice to TNCAMay 14, 2013

TNCA gives undertaking to policeMarch 29, 2013