The producer and the screen playwright of Shiva-starrer Thillu Mullu-2 have said they have not used the screenplay and dialogue of Thillu Mullu, a film released in 1981, in their movie.

The submission was made when an application by M.R. Viswanathan alias Visu, who wrote the screenplay and dialogue for Thillu Mullu, sought to restrain Vendar Movies Pvt. Ltd, from releasing its film Thillu Mullu-2. It is scheduled for release on June 14.

In his order, Justice R. Sudhakar said that in view of the clear statement made by the producer and the screen playwright of the new film, which was accepted by Mr. Visu, he was treating the petition as closed.

In the application, Mr.Visu submitted that he had written the script and dialogue for Thillu Mullu. The film Thillu Mullu-2 contained the same script and dialogue without his authorisation. To a legal notice, the producer of the remake had said he had purchased the cinematographic rights of Thillu Mullu by an agreement with its producer in July last year. Hence, Mr.Visu said, he had made out a prima facie case and that it was obvious that the use of his script without his consent would amount to infringement of his copyright.