Explains context of recent attacks on Indians

Australian High Commissioner Peter Varghese on Tuesday called on Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and explained to him the context in which the recent attacks on Indians had taken place in his country.

He told journalists after the 30-minute-long meeting that the Australian government was addressing the issue in a “serious and comprehensive” manner by making changes in the education registration system and through law enforcement measures.He also informed the Chief Minister about the plans to expand the Chennai office of the Consulate General.

Sri Lankan Tamils

To a query whether Sri Lankan Tamils, who were stranded between Indonesia and Australia, would be granted refugee status in Australia, Mr. Varghese replied that his country had a “very strong record” of accepting genuine refugees and offering protection consistent with international conventions.

However, it was part of Australia's clear policy that there was a process for applying for the refugee status, which needed to be observed. Illegal entry was something no Australian government would be in a position to support.

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