Road dug for laying drinking water pipeline has not been closed properly, so there is not much space for vehicles to move freely

The Meyyanur Main Road outside the New Bus Stand here has turned into a place for traffic snarls as the road dug for laying drinking water pipeline is not closed properly, leaving little space for vehicles to move.


The presence of pits in the entire stretch leaves little space for vehicles as bus drivers — while trying to enter the bus stand — find it difficult to take a turn.

This disrupts the traffic on the entire stretch, resulting in chaos and blocking the movement of all vehicles.

The City Municipal Corporation has dug the roads and laid the pipelines.

But failure to close the pits properly has resulted in the formation of potholes and mud piling up near the bus stand.

Though vehicular movement is very high on the stretch, no efforts have been made by the corporation to neither remove the mud nor close the road properly so that vehicles can utilise the space.


Also, the absence of traffic regulation leads to congestion, resulting in the area becoming an accident-prone zone.

The absence of traffic police personnel also worsens the situation during any part of the day, as vehicle users are left to move in any direction, leading to accidents.

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