Traffic on one way will be diverted through Kotagiri for five days from Monday

With various stretches of Ooty road requiring repairs and maintenance, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will begin works from Monday and cover the 114 km stretch in phases from Kallar near Mettupalayam to Kakanallah (Karnataka border).

As a result, traffic on one way will be diverted through Kotagiri for five days from Monday. Between dawn and dusk from Monday to Friday, all the ascending vehicles will ply through Burliar and descending vehicles diverted through Kotagiri.

An official of the NHAI told The Hindu that initially works will be taken up on 12 km from Kallar to Law’s Falls (Coonoor). The officials of the NHAI held discussions with The Nilgiris District Collector and the police and requested diversion of traffic. Cleaning of culverts and other safety works will also be taken up simultaneously.

The NHAI has allocated Rs. 20 crore for repair works on the 114 km of the hill road (Kallar to Kakanallah).

The road cannot be widened and hence, the existing carriageway will have to be strengthened and repaired to meet the growing needs of the traffic. Nearly Rs. 200 crore is required to upgrade the entire stretch to hill road standards. However, the current allocation is just Rs. 20 crore, the official said.

The Mettupalayam - Coonoor stretch of National Highway 67, which cuts through The Nilgiris, will be made one way between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. from May 27 to 31, according to the Superintendent of Police, The Nilgiris, T. Senthilkumar.

Pointing out that an inspection of the damaged spots was carried out by NHAI officials, he said that they made a request to close the road from Saturday. However, since the flow of vehicles will be heavy during the weekend on account of the Fruit Show at Sim’s Park in Coonoor, it was decided to make it one way from Monday.


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