A family feud resulted in the death of one person at Karikalampakam here on Wednesday.

According to Superintendent of Police (South) Nandagopal, Namachivayam, an ex-serviceman, had questioned his brother, Thangarasu, on why he had not extended an invitation for the marriage of his daughter.

Following rumours that Namachivayam was spreading false information about his daughter, Thangarasu sent his brother-in-law, Sivakozhunthu, to question his brother over the issue on Wednesday.

The argument between the two resulted in an exchange of blows and Namachivayam's wife was caught in-between.

The ex-serviceman then picked up a rifle that was in his possession and shot Sivakozhunthu, who died on the spot. A case has been registered. Namachivayam is absconding.

Keywords: murder case