Centre’s action a setback to State government, says Ramadoss

The Centre has revoked the detention of PMK MLA and Vanniyar Sangam leader Kaduvetti J. Guru and 19 others under the National Security Act (NSA). The detention orders were passed by the State government, but the Centre has revoked them on representations from the detenus.

The list of those whose detention has been withdrawn includes Mari and Pazhani, two PMK men from Kancheepuram district, who were re-arrested by the State government, after the Union Home Ministry issued orders for their release. The Centre, however, has rejected the petition of eight others.

“After careful consideration of the representation, the Central government is pleased to revoke under section 14 (1) of the NSA, the detention order issued against the detenu. The detenu may be released forthwith from jail unless he is required to be kept in jail for any other case,” said an order issued on July 1 by the Union Home Ministry for the release of Mr Guru.

The order said he may be tried in the cases registered under the normal law of the land. Mr Guru was detained under the NSA by the Kancheepuram district magistrate (Collector) on May 10, 2013.

In a statement here, PMK leader S. Ramadoss said 122 persons were arrested by the State government and the NSA was invoked against 28 of them. Others were detained under the Goondas Act.

He said while issuing orders for their release, the Union Home Ministry had observed that none of the 11 rules that warranted invocation of the NSA was followed in their case.

He said all these PMK men were arrested in the wake of violent incidents at Marakkanam and in connection with protests that erupted in other parts of the State.

“The government unleashed repressive measures against the PMK men, and in the case of Mr Guru, it revived cases filed against 20 years ago. He was taken from one court to another in different places in the name of extending his judicial custody in those cases. It severely affected his health and the government failed to provide proper treatment despite a court order,” Dr Ramadoss alleged.