The day after the dramatic developments at the Madras High Court, where a caste Hindu girl decided to go with her mother, foregoing her marriage with the Dalit youth – the backdrop to the large-scale casteist violence in Dharmapurai and Marakkanam last year – a youth wing leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) has put out a provocative blog post titled ‘In the name of Dalit Revolution’ (translated from Tamil). In it, he has raised questions once again over the motives of “love marriages” between Dalits and caste Hindus.

Arul, a youth functionary associated with the Pasumai Thamizhagam organisation of the PMK, in his blog post on, referred to, what he called, the caste hierarchy within Dalits. This blog post is not the only controversial conversation. Sometimes, rude comments are directed at even progressive social commentators like A.Marx, who consistently put out views calling for social amity. “Social media has become a breeding ground for rude comments,” he said, adding that “the cloak of anonymity online medium gives is as misused as it is used progressively.”