“Some involved personal motives, money transactions or land disputes”

Not all attacks on leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party and other Hindu outfits in the recent past were communal. Some involved personal motives, money transaction or land disputes, Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police K. Ramanujam has revealed.

In a statement issued in the wake of the murders of BJP general secretary ‘Auditor’ Ramesh in Salem (July 19, 2013) and Hindu Munnani State secretary Vellaiyappan (July 1, 2013), the State police chief sought to dispel apprehensions that Hindu leaders were targeted and attacked regularly and police took no action.

Mr. Ramanujam said firm action was being taken against those attempting to disrupt communal harmony.

Listing specific instances where BJP, RSS or Hindu Munnani leaders were murdered or assaulted, he said police arrested the accused, and even laid charge-sheet in some cases.

Advani convoy case

In the case relating to the plot to blow up the convoy of BJP leader L.K. Advani near Tirumangalam in Madurai district on October 28, 2011, he said seven suspects were arrested of which one was nabbed after sustained efforts lasting about two years.

Special teams were on the lookout for three others involved in the case.

After the murder of Vellaiyappan and Ramesh, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced the formation of a Special Investigation Division to investigate the cases.

Cash rewards were announced for those giving inputs leading to the arrest of the accused persons.

“The Tamil Nadu police have taken proper steps and arrested the accused in cases of assault on leaders of Hindu organisations. Some of them were even detained under the Goondas Act or National Security Act. Necessary police protection was provided to persons and officers considered to face threat,” he said.

Mr. Ramanujam said some murders of Hindu leaders were due to personal motives.

In some cases, the accused belonged to the same religion as the victim.

“Statements seeking to create an impression that a large number of targeted attacks have gone unchecked or undetected or that the police have failed to take action are misleading and contrary to truth,” he said.