The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary, returnable in four weeks with a report, on the allegations that Dalit students are prevented from getting admitted in a government middle school by the caste Hindus in Kurayur village near Kalligudi in Madurai district.

Unable to pursue their studies due to caste discrimination, such students are now forced to study in a missionary-run government aided school in the village border.

The Commission was acting on the basis of media reports, which quoted the school officials, working since 1990, of claiming that they did not recall even a single Dalit student ever studying in the school.

It may be recalled that only about 10 days ago the Commission had taken strong objection to the alleged insult and discrimination against Dalits wherein their place of residence, consisting of 50 houses, had been fenced with barbed wire which did not allow them to mingle with other communities.

The media claimed that the situation was prevalent in Velayuthapuram village in Thoothukudi district.

The National Human Rights Commission had then issued a notice, returnable in four weeks, to the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary calling for a report on the matter.