Rangasamy hits out at Union Minister of State

Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Tuesday hit back on Union Minister of State for Prime Minister's Office V. Narayanasamy on several issues and even accused him of “stalling” the Union Territory's progress and of speaking in a language that “threatens” officials from performing their duties.

In a hard-hitting speech against his political detractors on the occasion of his party's first anniversary, the Chief Minister said Mr. Narayanasamy has never supported or cooperated with the Chief Ministers and always stood against the progress of the region.

“What pains me more is the tenor of the statements made by the Union Minister threatening officials from performing their task. He has been doing it for a long time. Now it has increased because of the position that he holds,” he said in his address that lasted for nearly two hours. The address was delivered a day after Congress leaders, including Mr. Narayanasamy, made some harsh remarks against the ruling government at a rally to protest retrenchment of workers appointed during the tenure of V. Vaithilingam as Chief Minister.

Recalling his meeting with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi after he assumed office, the Chief Minister said Ms. Gandhi had asked Mr. Narayanasamy to extend support and cooperation to him in running the government. However, the Union Minister has so far acted in a contrary manner, he said, adding such “acts are not politically correct.”

Refuting Mr. Narayanasamy's contention that the Union government had released the entire amount of Rs. 125 crore sanctioned as interim relief for cyclone Thane, he said the Union Territory had only received Rs. 50 crore. He challenged the Union Minister to point out any project he had delivered for the people of the Union Territory.

On the retrenchment of workers, Mr. Rangasamy said his government had only removed those people who were appointed by the Vaithilingam-led Congress government in violation of rules. A large number of people were appointed in the Public Works Department and other societies, thereby draining the resources, he said, adding his government had devoted most of its time to “rectify the mistakes” done during the tenure of Mr Vaithilingam.

In his address, party general secretary V. Balan challenged Mr. Vaithilingam to an open debate on the retrenchment of workers. Pointing out that the High Court of Madras struck down the appointment of as many as 1,450 people in PASIC made during the tenure of Congress, he said all these appointments were made in an illegal manner.