An euphoria seem to have set in among leaders and cadres of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam as the party has emerged as the most sought after party in the political firmament.

National and regional parties are vying with one another other to forge an alliance with the DMDK and hence, its stocks have gone up to an unprecedented level.

Nonetheless, the party leadership as well as the cadres is acting in a responsible manner as they are not swept off the ground by the constant wooing of the other political parties for the coming Lok Sabha elections.

It has clearly dawned upon the leaders and cadre that the DMDK now stands at a crucial political juncture and any decision on alliance would either make or mar the party prospects, both in the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections.

A party functionary told The Hindu that as far as the alliance issue was concerned, the DMDK was not keeping other parties on tenterhooks. It had to take a clear cut decision on this score as it would have a long-time impact on the political standing of the DMDK.

“Hence, the leadership is keeping a studied silence and is weighing the pros and cons of aligning with one or other national parties. What is heartening to note is that the party has dedicated cadre and leaders who would abide by whatever decision party leader Vijayakant would take,” the sources said.

The sources further said that the general mood in the party favoured siding with the Bharatiya Janata Party for two reasons: first, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is sporting an image of an honest politician and a doer; and secondly, a number of controversies have marked the Congress-led government at the Centre.

Party MLA L. Venkatesan said, “The party wants to have a strong base so as to determine the formation of the Central government in 2014 and to capture power in the State in 2016.”

It succinctly conveys the political ambition of the party.

The sources also noted that the drubbing the party received in the Delhi Assembly elections had not in any way dented its image.  

As for the alliance, party leader Sudheesh told this correspondent that in all probability Mr. Vijayakant would make an announcement in the “State conference against corruption” being held at Eranji in Ulundurpet block, Villupuram, on Sunday, after ascertaining the views of party men on this score.

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