A minor girl who was married to her 28-year-old maternal uncle was rescued by the Namakkal Childline ‘1098’ late on Saturday and taken to a home for temporary shelter. Legal action would be initiated against those responsible for the offence, the police said.

The issue came to light when the Namakkal Childline ‘1098’ organised an awareness programme in a government school. “ She was spotted with metti (toe ring) and wedding locket,” said an official in the Childline. Preliminary enquiries revealed that the 15-year-old girl, a native of Servakaranpatti village near Thottiam, Tiruchi, was married to painter, Veerakumar alias Ravi. Child Line Project Coordinator U.K. Ashok Kumar told The Hindu that the nursing student was forced into marriage about two months ago by her parents who threatened to stop her studies if she refused. Police have begun investigations.