The Sri Lankan Government has deeply hurt the sentiments of Tamils across the world by deliberately erecting a victory memorial near the place that witnessed the last leg of the war between the LTTE and Army, resulting in the death of thousands of Tamil civilians, DMK president M. Karunanidhi has said.

Reacting to the report in The Hindu, “Near site of LTTE’s last stand, a victory memorial that Tamils don’t visit,” Mr. Karunanidhi said that the memorial at a place where Sri Lankan Tamils laid down their lives, caused great agony to the Tamil community.

The fact that it had become a tourist spot for the Sinhalese had wrenched the hearts of Tamils here and one could understand the agony of the Sri Lankan Tamils. “I wonder whether these developments would bring unity among Tamils and Sinhalese and ensure coexistence between the two communities.”

The DMK had been raising its voice for the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamils since 1956, and though the Centre had offered to help them, nothing had happened so far, Mr. Karunanidhi lamented.

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