N. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur, lays stress on safety by industrial workers

The United Nations has laid emphasis on adherence to safety norms to minimise loss of life and property in the world, said N. Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, Periyar Maniammai University, here on Tuesday.

Inaugurating a training course on industrial safety organised by the Trichi Action Centre of the National Safety Council (NSC), Dr. Ramachandran said that the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) had introduced a concept to create awareness about safety in industries and environment. Called APELL (Awareness and Preparedness for Emergency at the Local Level), it lays stress on improving disaster preparedness capabilities of the communities. It also lays importance on raising awareness of local authorities.

Statistics revealed by a U.N. report says that 56 per cent of the fatalities in accidents at chemical industries in the U.S. are caused due to negligence of safety rules. "Safety should become a way of life", Dr. Ramachandran said.

“In India, most part of our life goes in crisis management. It should not be the case, we should plan and prepare ourselves and put that plan into action,” he said. Universities should conduct short-term courses in safety.

S. Rathinam, Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, Tiruchi, and Chairman of Tiruchi Action Centre of NSC, said that everyone had safety awareness, but the problem lay in implementing it. Safety concepts should be hammered into the minds of people through publicity and advertisements.

P. Nainar, General Manager, BHEL and Secretary, Tiruchi Action Centre of NSC, said that the Tiruchi region, particularly Thuvakudi, had become the fabrication hub of Asia. Industries were now coming up in areas on the Pudukottai and Thanjavur side from Thuvakudi. “Industrial production with safety of the workers is the motto of BHEL. The BHEL, which has a turnover of Rs.10,000 crore, has not reported even a single accident. Such is the safety awareness in the industry,” Mr. Nainar said.

Sixty employees, including contract employees from industries in and around Thanjavur, Pudukottai and Tiruchi, participated in the training course.

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