Final update for the night: Chandrahasan says both Rajkamal and the Muslim groups have submitted letters to the State Government Home Secretary to hold a tripartite meeting, where the government will oversee the talks between Rajkamal and the groups opposing the movie. The meeting date and venue is not yet known. As of this moment, the ban to screen Viswharoopam in the State, as upheld by the Madras High Court Bench, is in effect. No theatres in the state can open advanced booking for the film.

8:20 p.m.: Mohammed Hanifa of Federation of Tamil Nadu Muslims Social and Political Organisation, one of the respondents in the court case the first case filed by Rajkamal Films International, has said Rajkamal Films International has approached them for talks. They are ready for talks, and are waiting to see if the state government would oversee the discussions.

Situation as of 8 p.m.: Both Rajkamal and the Federation of Muslim groups are ready to hold talks. But according to one of the leaders of the Muslim groups, the chances of the meeting happening overnight are very slim.

6.45 p.m.: BJP criticises the state government for not preventing the miscreants from attacking the cinema theatres yesterday, and also not allowing the movie to be screened morning shows when the stay had been lifted.

6.40 p.m.: Muslim organisation Indiya Towheed Jamad issues a press statement saying it is looking forward to amicable solution after the producers discuss the scenes that are offensive and would be cut.

6.30 p.m. Congress MP B.S.Gnanadesikan, in a statement, says an artist of the calibre of Kamal Haasan must not have gone through such travails

6.20 p.m. Chandrahasan, partner at Rajkamal Films International, told The Hindu: "As per the instructions of the Chief Minister, we are ready to settle the issue based on talks with the Federation of 24 Muslim organisations mentioned as the people who would participate in protests."

6.10 p.m.: Vishwaroopam producer Chandrahasan over the phone to The Hindu: "We have asked the Home Secretary of Tamil Nadu government to help mediate the talks with the Federation of 24 Muslim organisations. We are awaiting a response."