Reacting to the Supreme Court verdict dismissing all cases against her, a relieved Kushboo said, “If you are honest and if you are fighting for justice, then whatever political or money power anybody has, there is a law to protect the normal citizen and my case has proved it.”

The actor, who fought in the courts for four and half years, told PTI that she was grateful to the Supreme Court and all the “people and friends who have stood by me all these years.”

An IANS report said that the actor stood by her comments on pre-marital sex and live-in relationships. “When you look around, every celebrity is pinned down for no rhyme or reason and that is quite a harassment,” Kushboo told NDTV in an interview. “I knew what I had's not an easy task for a woman to stand alone and say ‘I believe in what I have spoken,” she added.

Film industry hails decision

Chennai Bureau adds:

The Tamil film industry and people from various other forums hailed the Supreme Court's ruling to dismiss all the cases against Kushboo. Actors, writers and feminists welcomed the decision, terming it a victory for freedom of expression. Writer-journalist Gnani said that by quashing the cases against the actor, the court has upheld one's right to speak.

“People have different perspectives. A society can prosper only if it gives space for healthy discussion. People should encourage pluralistic views,” he said, adding that he did not disagree with the actor's view.

Concurring with him, writer Sivasankari said the protests against Kushboo were needless and the court's decision to dismiss the cases would discourage people to create an uproar over one's personal views.

“There is no need for such cases. She has been unduly harassed for so many years. And a whole section of society blamed her views while there are more pressing issues to attend to,” she said.

While welcoming the Supreme Court's decision, actor Rohini said people who were in the limelight should keep in mind the sentiments of large sections of society and give a balance to their views. Kala, dance master and a close friend of Kushboo, expressed her happiness over the decision.

Congratulating Kushboo on winning the cases, actor Parthiban said it was unfair to harass women and sue them for their personal opinions.

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