Activists protesting the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant on Wednesday dismissed suggestions that they were ready to allow work to restart at the plant's first unit, if the Chief Minister approved such a measure.

In a statement, the People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), which is spearheading the agitation, said its Struggle Committee member M. Pushparayan denied having made any statement to that effect. “We want the KKNPP project to be scrapped completely.”

The PMANE also said it continued to enjoy the support and solidarity of the Bishop and the Tamil Nadu Bishops' Council.

It accused the Tirunelveli Congress MP, S.S. Ramasubbu, of leading a small group of detractors against the PMANE and “causing confusion in society”.

As he also represented the people who opposed the KKNPP, he should resign his elected office before taking sides on an issue such as nuclear policy.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Tuticorin, Yvon Ambroise, in a separate statement, clarified that there was no change in his stand in support of the people's struggle against the KKNPP. “

As per the Catholic Church's teaching and the Tamil Nadu Bishops' Council resolution, I continue to show my solidarity with my people, who are under great fear and anxiety concerning the Kudankulam nuclear plant,” Bishop Ambroise said.

“I stand united with the people morally and spiritually,” he added.


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