Taking a swipe at the recent controversy on usage of Hindi in social media for official communication of the Centre, DMK president M. Karunanidhi, on Sunday, warned of a “storm” blowing across the country that might endanger Tamil language.

Presiding over a family wedding of his long-standing private secretary K. Shanmuganathan, Mr. Karunanidhi, referring to the Sanskritised names of the bride and the groom (Vikram and Nishranti), said Tamils should always act in a manner that would uplift and bring victory to the language.

“If we let go now, there will not be anyone to protect and save Tamil from dangers it was facing,” he pointed out.

Such a dangerous “storm,” he said, was already blowing across the country and there was a threat that it could blow in Tamil Nadu as well, he said.

He advised his private secretary to give the couple Tamil names. When Mr. Shanmuganathan requested that Mr. Karunanidhi himself rechristen the couple on the wedding stage, the DMK leader wanted a day’s time to find suitable alternate names.

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