Former Union Minister and Chairman of Ethics Committee of Parliament, Karan Singh, visited the Big Temple here on Monday.

He offered worship to Lord Brihadeesvara, Goddess Periyanayagi and Mahanandhi at the entrance of the temple. He also offered worship at Varahi temple.

Dr. Singh said that this was his fourth visit to the temple. "I came here in 1955 with my family and after that I visited the temple thrice", Dr. Singh said. He enquired about the Bharata Natyam dance by 1,000 artistes at the Millennium celebrations of the temple held in September to the senior Prince of Thanjavur Bababji Rajah Bhonsle who accompanied him.

Later the Prince and S. Muthukumar, secretary of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) presented the video cassette of the dance programme to Dr. Singh.

In the VIP visitors’ notebook at the temple, Mr. Singh wrote “It is always a great privilege to have darshan at this magnificent temple especially on the 1000th year of its construction by the great Chola emperor Rajaraja. I am delighted that the temple is being well maintained. I congratulate all those involved in this work including the Prince of Thanjavur Bhonsle".

M. Ramaswamy, Secretary, Auroville Foundation, Lakshmanan, Joint Commissioner of HR and CE, Abajai Rajah Bhonsle, Member of the Roayal family of Thanjavur accomapnied Dr. Karan Singh.