A wild elephant herd raided agricultural crops again in a village near Hosur on Saturday night.

The jumbos numbering about 26, damaged millets, corn and tomatoes that were harvested and stored at Upparathammaranapalli village in the vicinity of the Sanamavu Reserve Forests in the Hosur Forest Division.

Sources said it was this herd that raided the tomato farm in Therveethi near Gamonthotti village a couple of days ago and was wandering in the surrounding villages near the Sanamavu Reserve Forests during the night time.

The herd also had the habit of coming out of the forests in the night and after damaging the crops in nearby villages, returned at the break of dawn.

The Forest Department officials were, for the past one-and-a-half months, working overtime as the parent herd, numbering about 200, had entered the reserve forests bordering Tamil Nadu via Jawalagiri forest from Bennergatta in Karnataka.

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