Says it is done with vengeance against people

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Tuesday flayed the Centre for hiking the price of subsidised Liquefied Petroleum Gas by Rs.3.46 per cylinder due to an increase in dealers’ commission and said it appeared as it was done with vengeance by the Centre against the people for their verdict in the recently concluded assembly polls.

In a press release she said apart from rolling back the price hike, the Centre should devise ways and take steps to further reduce LPG price.

“In the recently-held State elections, the people have voted against the inflation. The United Progressive Alliance has ignored this fact and effected the price rise. This tantamounts to taking revenge,” she said.

Ms. Jayalalithaa said it was unfair that the Centre had failed to taken steps to arrest inflation and rupee depreciation, and has actually laid foundation for inflation. It was an unnecessary burden loaded on the poor and middle class people.

VAT waived in State

Mentioning that she had completely waived the Value Added Tax on the LPG cylinder to help the public, she said it resulted in an annual loss of Rs.120 crore for the State government.

The Centre had raised the price of LPG cylinder stating it was due to increase in dealers’ commission.

“However, the consumers will not accept it. The only justifiable thing for the Centre to do is to absorb the increase in distributors’ commission,” she said.


LPG price hiked by Rs. 3.46 per cylinder December 10, 2013

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