Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Friday appealed to antagonists of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), being implemented with Russian assistance, to give up their fast and called for cooperation of the public for the project.

Pointing out that there was no need to have apprehensions on the part of the local population about the safety mechanism of the Project, the Chief Minister said the safety measures were approved by scientists of India and Russia, besides the atomic energy regulatory authorities of India.

Giving details of the safety measures, she said the project site was located in the Very Low Seismic Category Zone 2. Four types of coolants had been installed. The proposed power station was situated 7.5 m above the mean sea level (MSL). Even in the 2004 tsunami, the plant suffered no damage. Four diesel generators had been kept at a height of 9 m above the MSL.

In the light of concerns over the safety, her government held discussions with atomic energy experts and engineers, she said, referring to the ongoing fast in Idindakarai, one of the coastal villages near the project site.

She added that her government was keen on ensuring that no harm or danger is caused to people because of development projects.