In a final report submitted to the Madras High Court, the Dharmapuri police have reiterated their findings that E. Ilavarasan, the Dalit youth who was found dead along a railway track on July 4, had indeed committed suicide.

Seeking to dispel all doubts, Dharmapuri Superintendent of Police Asra Garg has revealed that Ilavarasan had told his friend that he wanted a memorial like Taj Mahal constructed after his death.

In his report, submitted to the High Court on Tuesday, Mr. Garg referred to Ilavarasan's conversation with his relative Arivalagan and a couple of friends before his death. The conversations retrieved from the victim's mobile phone by forensic experts proved that he was very upset over his wife not returning to him.

Based on the audio recording provided by the Forensic Science Laboratory, and the statements of his friends Karthik and Manoj Kumar, it was clear that he was alone and consuming liquor on the railway track on the day of his death.

Responding to a writ petition by Ilavarasan's father Elangovan, accusing investigators of haste and bias, Mr. Garg said the Dalit youth was known to him very well. “I interacted and motivated him on a few occasions during the times of his crisis. The deceased boy even in his recorded audio conversation with Divya has recollected my efforts to bring peace in his life after their marriage.”

Citing various instances that pointed to Ilavarasan's depressed state of mind and his suicidal tendencies, Mr. Garg said his death was unfortunate and unexpected. Explaining how the victim's family had not cooperated with the police, the SP said the family refused to appear before the investigation officer despite oral and written summons.

Contrary to the allegations made by the petitioner, he said the police had examined the Kurla Express a day after Ilavarasan's death. Sniffer dogs were pressed into service and police gathered at least 70 items in the area surrounding the body. There was no evidence to prove that two persons ran away from the scene.

Therefore, investigation so far done by the police concluded that Ilavarasaan had committed suicide and there was no other possible angle to his death, he added.

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