Modern-day Human Resource Management (HRM) needs to be a deliberative and systematised intervention strategy that is both an organisational ideology and an operational idiom, M.M. Rajendran, former Orissa Governor said on Monday.

Delivering the seventh G. Ramanujam memorial lecture on ‘HRM in a globalised world,' under the auspices of the National Centre for Industrial Harmony, Mr. Rajendran said the accepted norms of management of organisations in the context of a globalised world and a knowledge society were turning irrelevant and had to yield to “a new dynamics of relationship between companies and human resources.”

Pointing out that HR was identified more with the growth and aspirations of an organisation than an entity concerned with functional skills, Mr. Rajendran said it was imperative to match the goals and aspirations of organisations with its organic HR constituent. It is important to move towards a more “strategic business partner approach,” he said.

According to Mr. Rajendran, the challenge for HR practitioners is “not so much about moving away from the traditional roles, but about taking on new roles while maintaining excellence in the traditional services.”

Stressing that productivity was dependent as much on technological processes as human resource development, Mr. Rajendran advocated efforts to bridge the technology divide.

On the HR training front, there was an increasing shift from training to learning and training professionals were turning into facilitators of the learning process, Mr. Rajendran said. K.S. Narayanan, vice-chairman, National Centre for Industrial Harmony, spoke.

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