The Madras High Court on Monday said that it was not opposed to advocates arguing in Tamil in courts.

When counsel pleaded with the First Bench comprising Chief Justice M.Y.Eqbal and Justice D.Murugesan for the release of advocates arrested after they went on an indefinite fast demanding that Tamil be made the language in the High Court, Justice D.Murugesan orally observed that the Bench's statement was enough. “When the First Bench says it is not opposed to Tamil, what more do you need.” When counsel said the court may issue a circular, the Chief Justice said there was a constitutional limitation on the court.

Hence, a circular could not be issued. He cited an instance where a person argued in Tamil and the Bench heard it.

Counsel said if the advocates are released, it would go a long way in defusing the situation. If the advocates were released, they would respond positively.

The Bench made it clear that it was concerned at the maintenance of discipline on the High Court premises.

Mr.Justice Murugesan said if released, the gesture should be properly reciprocated. After getting bail, the advocates should not do the act again (sitting on fast on the High Court premises). An undertaking should be given.

The Chief Justice said a bail petition could be filed before the Magistrate court. When counsel said those arrested were not interested in filing it, Mr.Justice Murugesan said he could file a formal application. Unless there was an application, an order could not be passed.