Co-operative societies can monitor sales, stock details on real-time basis

Hand-held billing machines with GPRS connections will be installed in all fair price shops in Tiruvallur and Krishnagiri districts from Friday. This will allow co-operative societies to monitor sales and stock details of these outlets on real-time basis. The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu has been entrusted the task of procuring the machines.

“Over 1,590 fair price shops in Chennai have been provided with hand-held billing machines. Following its success, it has been decided to roll out the machines in these two districts that have over 1150 fair price shops. The installation will commence on Friday and be completed within a month. Thereafter, test run will be conducted for a month. After seeing the result, we will install it in other districts,” Jatindra Nath Swain, Registrar of Co-operative Societies, told TheHindu. “The State-wide launch will not happen soon, as we have to see how these billing machines function in rural areas.”