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Updated: June 2, 2011 23:36 IST

Governor's address today to unveil policies of new government

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Surjit Singh Barnala
The Hindu
Surjit Singh Barnala

‘Samacheer Kalvi,' power crisis also likely to figure in it

Governor Surjit Singh Barnala, who will deliver his first address to the 14th Assembly on Friday, will unveil the policies and programmes of the new AIADMK government and give details of how the government proposes to implement the promises made in the AIADMK election campaign.

Among the announcements expected are the government's plans for the sprawling new Assembly-cum-Secretariat complex at Omandurar government estate after shifting the Assembly and the Secretariat back to Fort St. George. Further, the address may shed light on the manner in which the government is going to review the uniform system of school education, or ‘Samacheer Kalvi,' which has been put on hold for now.

Replying to questions on her plans for the new Rs. 1,200-crore Assembly-cum-Secretariat complex on Anna Salai, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had earlier said one should wait for the Governor's address for an answer. While deciding to put on hold ‘Samacheer Kalvi' at its first Cabinet meeting, the new government had spoken of a review of the uniform system as in its present form it was not conducive to the maintenance of standards in school education.

The policy statement may also contain answers to questions about the continuance of the flagship schemes of the previous DMK regime, such as the health insurance scheme, covering advanced life-saving treatments and the mega housing scheme to convert all thatched roof houses into concrete units.

The AIADMK's manifesto contains promises concerning housing and distribution of home appliances such as mixers, grinders and ceiling fans, besides laptop computers for students. Modalities for implementing these promises are likely to be spelt out in the Governor's address

In terms of policy measures, Ms. Jayalalithaa has counselled patience until the Governor's address for answers to questions such as the government's plans for the Anna Universities of Technology, created by the previous regime as affiliating universities for engineering colleges across different regions of the State.

The financial position of the State, about which Ms. Jayalalithaa voiced concern in the past, given its high debt burden, is also likely to be spelt out in detail. Given the fact that the new regime's own social security expenditure and its food subsidy bill are likely to be fairly high, the focus would be on the steps it would take to ensure the State's financial health without cutting down on its welfare spending.

The power crisis in the State is also likely to figure in the Governor's address. The AIADMK government has promised a substantial augmentation in generation.

The revamping of schemes are on expected lines; One should reasonably wait for the whole speech, as it is the government's policy announcement. One thing to be siad now is the advantages of fortifying the vast network of government hospitals multifold, instead of paying premia to private insurers. Political leaders get intelligence on predecessors' wrongdoings, better than institutional arrangements. As a former Addl Deputy Auditor General, I would like to say that any enquiry into the 'circus tent' would benefit by associating an audit professional.

from:  soundararajan Srinivasa
Posted on: Jun 3, 2011 at 12:16 IST

Yes,a new government and a new Rs. 1,200-crore Assembly-cum-Secretariat complex. Great. Promulgate a new state fruit - Banana ! And, welcome to the newest Banana Republic.

from:  Ramdas
Posted on: Jun 3, 2011 at 09:28 IST

Here we go again! Of what use is a Governorship if the podium is used for parroting the 'points' of someone else? Neither party nor alliance has a clue what fiscal management is. Why is the average citizen or corporation paying taxes? What other source of income does the government have? So, why are these limited resources being used for doling out any gizmo? Does our democracy understand what a public good is? Why aren't these being called out in the media, especially in this publication? Why the need for continued use of the word 'special correspondent'? This article didn't get written by a non-person, so give credit and exposure to that individual or individuals if it's a joint effort. Protect them, certainly, for that's your responsibility as their employer, but not anonymously.

In the context of this publication being called out for deferring the release of WikiLeaks cables on certain topics until the change in government happened in this State, and on the on-going 'sudden' national interest in significantly curbing 'black-money' or eliminating corruption, how are any of these asinine campaign promises (of either party or alliance) different or non-related? Isn't that part of the media's responsibility, not merely parroting what he-said, she-said as 'news'? This definitely would have been the charter of this publication at establishment a 150 years ago; it certainly was up until a few decades ago. So, stop publishing kudos in letters to the editor and start printing and posting worthwhile points of view on either side of a debate, on what should occupy the nation's psyche.

from:  Kumar
Posted on: Jun 3, 2011 at 01:05 IST
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