With a proposed investment of about Rs.2000 crore over the next five years and an upcoming IPO the Global Hospitals Group is set on a path of rapid expansion in the country, its executive director – marketing and strategy, Chandra Sekhar has said.

Charting the growth plan of the chain of hospitals for the immediate future during a chat with The Hindu, Mr. Sekhar said at the end of the five years, the tangibles would be 4,500 beds in about six large hospitals, and nine other smaller hospitals.

Key acquisitions would be in the metros of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, in order to establish a six-city presence (They are already in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.) The commitment would also be towards supporting innovation in technology, clinical research and trials, in addition to strengthening specialisation units at various hospitals. A sum of Rs.10 crore had been committed for research this year. A mix of equity and debts (primarily from banks) would go towards funding the expansion activities. There was also stated support for growth from investors in both the domestic and international markets. The big event for the hospitals – the public listing – is scheduled for 2013 – 2014, according to Badri Krishnaswami, executive director, Finance, Global Hospitals.

With the Chennai institution, about 21 months old, applying for and securing the NABH accreditation, the process of ensuring quality and high patient safety procedures is on full steam, Mr. Chandra said. The next step would be a Joint Commission International Accreditation for hospitals.

Meanwhile the corporate social responsibility component would be on course and expanding to accommodate more people who are unable to pay. According to him, a total of 100 beds (out of 250 existing beds) were always available in the Chennai institution for people benefitting from the State government health schemes, and no differentiation was made in terms of medical care offered to them. At the moment, 40 to 50 beds were being occupied at any given point of time, under this scheme. Besides this, there were health screening camps conducted regularly, and specialists from Global volunteering at the nearby Semmancherry Primary Health Centre.