While celebrating the artistic achievements of actor ‘Gemini' Ganesan, we should also keep in mind that he had a reformer's mind and rose above narrow considerations of caste and religion, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said on Sunday.

Addressing a function on the occasion of 90th birth anniversary of ‘Gemini' Ganesan, the Chief Minister narrated an incident from the actor's biography to stress the point that he was a broad-minded person and had faith in the concept of “ondray kulam oruvanay thevan.”

‘Gemini' Ganesan was angry because his Sanskrit teacher could not digest one of his classmates' perfect pronunciation.

According to the Chief Minister, the actor had developed such a reformer's mind because he was groomed by his aunt Muthulakshmi Reddy, who fought for abolition of the devadasi system.

Mr Karunanidhi said ‘Gemini' Ganesan also loved Tamil language and participated in the World Tamil Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Director's delight

Director K. Balachander said ‘Gemini' Ganesan was “director's delight.”

“The advantage of having him as a hero was that he was convinced about the capabilities of a director, he would leave it the director and would not interfere,” he added.

Lyricist Vairamuthu said ‘Gemini' Ganesan was not envious of anyone and promoted many actors by recommending them to producers and directors.

Lyricist Vaali, who had close relationship with ‘Gemini' Ganesan, said it was the actor who introduced Kamal Haasan to Mr. Balachander and convinced ‘Sivaji' Ganesan about having Aroor Das as dialogue writer for the film ‘Paasa Malar.'

Earlier, the Chief Minister released a CD containing biographical film of ‘Gemini' Ganesan and a book. ‘Gemini' Ganesan's daughter Kamala Selvaraj welcomed and proposed a vote of thanks.

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