The first conference of the recently revived TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporter’ Organisation) will be held here on August 12, DMK chief M. Karuananidhi said on Saturday.

“The TESO conference will be held at the YMCA grounds here on August 12,” Mr. Karunanidhi, who revived the defunct organisation recently, told reporters in Chennai.

Originally scheduled in Villupuram in the first week of August, the place and venue were rescheduled to accommodate more visitors, including those from foreign countries.

To criticism of AIADMK chief and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa of his party over the controversy surrounding the training being imparted to Sri Lankan Air Force personnel in India, he said his arch rival’s remarks smacked of limitlessness of criticism.

“It does not look like a Chief Minister’s statement. It is in bad taste and carries attacks worse than those by a layman,” he said.

Ms. Jayalalithaa had on Friday lambasted Mr. Karunanidhi on this issue, saying he was not as assertive against the Centre on such issues, and that he possessed “the skill of coercing the Centre whenever he or his family members were affected.”

On the elections to the Vice-President’s post, he said he expected the Congress-led UPA to “most likely nominate” incumbent Hamid Ansari.

He said he had not proposed any names, like he had done for UPA Presidential nominee Pranab Mukerjee.

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