The Alternate Front for Dalit Liberation, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry has released an Election Manifesto titled ‘Election Manifesto of Dalits' in Madurai on Friday. The 32-page election manifesto which will be sent to all political parties, has demands on social, economical, political, educational cultural and administrative justice for Dalits and Tribals.

Richard Devadoss, Executive Council member, AFDL, released the manifesto and the first copy was received by John Moses, State President, Tamil Nadu Janata Dal in the presence of Nagai Thiruvalluvan, general secretary, Thamizh Puligal; S.T.Kalyanasundaram, founder, Adi Thamizhar Makkal Katchi; and M.T.Pandian, Communist Part of India ( Marxist Leninist).

The major points highlighted in the election manifesto include abolition of the usage of caste surnames in shops, hospitals and other commercial establishments as it reproduces caste supremacy in symbolic terms. Proper implementation of the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes Act, 1989 was also mentioned, creation of proper monitoring committees in each district was also highlighted.

The manifesto demands retrieval of panchami lands that are meant for the distribution of lands and were encroached by both the government and private parties. The funds allotted under the Scheduled Caste Sub Plan should be implemented fully and should not be underutilised or diverted for other schemes.

Dalits should be given double voting rights as asserted by B.R. Ambedkar and in all the panchayats where Dalits are presidents, the vice president should also be a Dalit to prevent usurping of power and administrative control and these efforts could guarantee political justice. Transgenders should be given reservation in government jobs.

The manifesto demanded abolition of all brahminical forms of worship which reiterates caste dominance.

The manifesto was prepared to guarantee or ensure political participation of marginalized people, parties and organizations representing the cause of Dalits and Tribals, said, S.Chandra Mohan, executive council member, AFDL.