A total of 460 eggs were supplied every day to the students; on Monday and Tuesday all the 460 eggs were found rotten and disposed of.

As many as 920 eggs that were supplied to the noon-meal centre at the Government Higher Secondary School in Siruvachur in Thalaivasal block here were found rotten after boiling and were disposed of on the school premises on Monday and Tuesday.

A total of 724 students from nearby villages are studying in the school.

Of these, 520 students who were in Class I to X are eligible for the noon meal scheme.

A total of 460 eggs were supplied every day to the students who took eggs, along with the noon-meal. On Monday, all the 460 eggs for the day were found rotten.

The centre’s organiser P. Veeramuthu (58) informed the headmaster M.V. Ramachandran who in turn directed the workers not to supply them to the students. The rotten eggs were disposed of on the school premises. The Manager in the Block Development Office in Thalaivasal was also informed, and he also promised to replace the eggs.

On Tuesday, another 460 eggs that were boiled and kept ready for serving were also found to be rotten. These eggs too were disposed of.

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