Transport, police and highways department officials are working together to put up boards to caution travellers

Officials of the transport, police and highways departments are jointly working together to identify the accident-prone areas, putting up boards to caution travellers and carrying out road maintenance wherever necessary to avoid accidents, said M. Rajaram, Transport Commissioner.

In a release, he said people prefer undertaking pilgrimage and travel during the summer vacation with children to tourist places. Tourists should ensure safe journey by giving adequate rest to the driver and avoid travelling during odd hours. Whenever the tourists alight from the vehicle to relax themselves, the drivers should park the vehicles safely at the proper parking area and not park on the highways. In stretches of national highways, lay bays have been provided to park vehicles safely. Drivers should utilise them to take rest, he said appealing to all road users to drive safely and avoid overspeeding. Opinions and suggestions on matters relating to accident-prone areas, causes of accidents and necessary measures to prevent accidents could be sent to the Transport Commissioner, Ezhilagam, Chepauk, Chennai.