Members of the Democratic Youth Federation of India observed a 24-hour fast here on Sunday urging the State Government to initiate stern action against the managements of private educational institutions that were collecting exorbitant fees from the parents.

The government was paying little attention on providing quality education, which has prompted a number of private educational institutions to fleece the parents by collecting exorbitant fees. Apart from tuition fees, a number of schools and colleges were collecting huge amount as donation to admit students, members alleged.

If the government could ensure free, quality education to all, people would not have to go through the trouble of paying through their nose for the education of their children, they said.

Stern action

The government should initiate stern action against the erring managements of the private schools and colleges. The private institutions should be asked to collect only the fees fixed by the government, they stressed.

Agitators also urged the government to sanction education loans to all eligible students. There should not be unnecessary delays in sanctioning of loans to deserving students coming from the poor families. They wanted the government to declare the Chikkaiah Naicker College as a government institution without any further delay.


The governments should bring in programmes to create more jobs to the youth. The unemployment rate in the country continued to remain high because of the absence of schemes to create jobs, they said.