About one per cent of cases test positive

On an average, about one per cent of all fever cases reported test positive for dengue in the State, according to health officials.

The testing for dengue has increased beyond the normal levels, and the primary reason is the existence of a state of panic in the State. Large numbers of fever cases are being reported this year.

As a preventive measure, most private practitioners write tests for dengue even after a three-day fever spell, sources said.

While it helps to save patients by intervention at the initial stage itself, there is a huge number that tests negative with the Elisa test.

Good to be safe

It is definitely good to be safe, and yet, efforts must be taken to get counter the panic situation in the State.

“People have to know that all fever cases need not be dengue cases,” according to public health experts.

It is as a result of this that the government has decided to launch a media blitz to counter perceptions in the community by making a short film.

The film will present visuals about the sources of breeding of the dengue-causing vector, Aedes aegypti in domestic and peri-domestic areas.

Strategies to prevent this breeding, like cleaning out water tanks, and keeping water storage containers covered will also be projected in the film, according to sources.

Awareness advertisements

The film will be released in theatres and as ad spots on television channels soon. Awareness ads will also be released in newspapers throughout the State.

Additionally, a six-member team, including an IAS officer and one representative from the relevant branches of the health department (Directorate of Public Health, Directorate of Medical Services, including an entomologist, has been appointed to monitor the dengue situation in the districts.