Former Union Minister M.K. Alagiri, who was suspended from the DMK, said he would not contest the Lok Sabha polls this year.

Asked whether he would field rival candidates against official DMK candidates in the Lok Sabha polls as he did in the 2001 Assembly elections, Mr. Alagiri said there was no need for him to do so as they would bring about their own defeat.

To a question whether he was suspended from the party for he refusing to accept the leadership of his younger brother and party treasurer M.K. Stalin, he said he was not aware of it, but his suspension was a pre-planned move.

Mr. Alagiri added that his suspension was a prize given to him by the party leadership for seeking justice.

“It is my firm opinion. The media can write whatever it feels. I am not bothered about it,” he said.

Mr. Alagiri said when five of his supporters were suspended from the party, he took up the issue, especially the complaints of Kottampatti Rajendran, with party leader M. Karunanidhi before leaving for Hong Kong.

“Mr. Rajendran brought to my notice the irregularities which took place in the organisational poll. When I presented a copy of the complaints to the party president, he promised to investigate the matter in consultation with the organisation secretary. But, it was a false promise. Democracy is dead in the DMK,” he said.

Mr. Alagiri said, “I will reveal details about the irregularities at a media conference on January 31 in Madurai.”

Refutes allegations

Refuting allegations that he was creating chaos in the party organisation, Mr. Alagiri wondered whether putting up posters was illegal.

“Let them explain what kind of trouble I have created. Where was the general secretary, who has self-respect, when posters hailed Mr. Stalin as future Chief Minister and future of the party when the party president is alive,” he said.