A Direct Health Reporting System under which all the hospitals in the city are required to provide details of the patients on a daily basis to the Chennai Corporation is all set to go online.

The civic body is making provisions on its website for hosting the system, which would help it track the public health on a daily basis and take quick remedial measures.

All the hospitals and health posts of the Corporation, private hospitals, clinics and laboratories will in the next few days be directed to register with the civic body's Health Department.

Each of the hospitals or laboratories registered with the civic body would be given a unique login that would be accessed daily by the reporting officer of the hospital concerned.

The reporting officer of the hospital would report online the total number of suspected cases in the prescribed format of Form S. After the results of medical tests are received by the hospital, the confirmed cases with address and other details including the name, age and sex of the patients would be reported in Form C.

The civic body would have the right to ask the reporting officer of any hospital or laboratory for detailed information on the daily report if necessary. The information would be used to take preventive measures in the zones where the diseases are reported.

Malaria, dengue, plague, cerebrospinal fever, cholera, tuberculosis, epidemic influenza, chikungunya, tetanus and rabies are among the 25 diseases or conditions on the list to be reported by the hospitals.

The Chennai Corporation has instructed its officials to keep the data strictly confidential.

The private laboratories will also provide the culture report of samples of micro organisms and details of drug sensitivity to the civic body. The Chennai Corporation will initiate action against hospitals or laboratories that fail to report in the required format.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012