It was purchased at a cost of Rs.1.35 crore under Tamil Nadu Health System Project

As part of its massive modernisation programme, Dindigul Government Hospital acquired a sophisticated digital X-ray equipment here on Saturday.

Purchased at a cost of Rs.1.35 crore under Tamil Nadu Health System Project, this computer-controlled equipment will save considerable time and money as there is no need to use films.

High quality X-ray images of patients will be displayed in the monitor immediately, said technical experts, who commissioned the machine. The patients would not be moved during the process and all their details could be stored in the computer, they explained.

Detailing the hospital’s future plans, Joint Director of Health Services C.Subramani said the equipment will be hooked on to four laptops given to ortho, trauma care, emergency and maternity wards to enable doctors on duty to view the images instantly. “This machine has the capacity to store more than 50,000 images. On an average, 20,000 images are being taken in the GH every year. We can store the images up to three years,” he added. This sophisticated facility could also be linked to the proposed medical colleges in future. This facility will be available round the clock, and adequate training has been imparted to radioloists in the GH to operate the system. The cost of films, processing chemicals and time for processing will be completely eliminated in the new process. In case of emergency, images could be transmitted to specialists in other cities to get their opinion within a split second, he noted.

The new digital X-ray wing and birth certificate issuing centre were inaugurated by Minister for Power R.Viswanathan at the Government Hospital on Saturday morning. The certificate issuing centre will function between 2.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. on all days, except Saturday and Sunday.