Even after many months of judgement on Vaachathi case was pronounced by the Dharmapuri Court, the victims were yet to get compensation from Tamil Nadu government. It is absolutely shameful and outrageous, said Ms. Brinda Karat, Politburo Member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) here on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters here on the sidelines of the sixth State-level Conference of the Tamil Nadu Tribal Association, she said that “both the Dravidian parties, the DMK and the AIADMK had not been on the side of the victims, but they have been unfortunately on the side of those who had sought to cover up this case’’.

The government is spending crores and crores of rupees for several schemes, but it continues to deny disbursing compensation to the Vaachathi victims. The government is keen to protect those who are responsible for the crime and also cover up this crime. The message of the government is that even if they (Vaachathi victims) fight for 20 years to get the judgement in the court of law, nothing will happen, because the government is powerful, hence, fighting against it will prove futile, she adds.

She said that the message of CPI (M) is that it fought for 20 years to get the judgement, proved correct by every single enquiry and therefore, the party will fight, because it is not a question of money, it is a question of dignity.

She said that the office-bearers of the TNTA met the concerned Minister during April, he had categorically assured that the issue would be considered within a month, but nothing happened after that, the victims were cheated, it is a shame on the part of Tamil Nadu government and their attitude, she said.

Tamil Nadu was a symbol of social reforms, in defence of marginalized communities. “What was the social reform led by the Thanthai Periyar? What was the value for Periyar’s movement? It was to defend the rights of the marginalized community. But today, the government speaks in a name of Dravidian culture exploiting the most marginalized and vulnerable Malayalee Tribal community.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) salute the people of Vaachathi, they sent a message to not only the tribals of Tamil Nadu but to the entire tribals living in the country that ‘do not compromise injustice’’ she adds.

Tribal Communities denied recognition

Ms. Brinda also said that the biggest problem in Tamil Nadu was the historical tribal communities are being denied recognition. This is a deliberate act of the government to keep down the percentage of tribals in the state with a view to reduce their share in the constitutional rights in education, reservation, employment, bank loan or in any other areas. This is the crux of the matter in Tamil Nadu.

She also said that the lands of the tribals are being looted by rich and influential people, they would be retrieved and given back to the tribals, she adds.