The Communist Party of India (CPI) has urged the State government to mount pressure on the Centre to take efforts to stop attacking Tamil fishermen by Sri Lankan Navy in mid-sea to ensure the welfare as well as the livelihood of the fisherfolk.

Speaking to presspersons here on Sunday, its State secretary T. Pandian said that the State government should convene a special session of Assembly to discuss urgent issues such as steps to be taken to save withering crops throughout the State following failure of southwest monsoon, particularly in the Cauvery delta region, the granary of the State, and Nanjilnadu (Kanyakumari district and a part of Tirunelveli district), known as the granary of the then Travancore State. It must also take stock of the bleak power scenario in the State that was affecting small and medium scale industries.

The State government had made an agreement with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh for the purchase of 1,000 MW power to tackle power scarcity. Though it was a welcome measure, the government should take immediate step to augment infrastructure facilities such as installation of additional transmission lines and storage capacity. Though it made an agreement to get 1,000 MW, the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) could get only 400 MW owing to lack of infrastructure facilities.

Mr. Pandian also condemned the adamant stand of Kerala government in the Mullaperiyar issue after the expert team confirmed the stability of the dam. The government should also take immediate steps to stop construction of dam in Pennaru in Karnataka and a dam across Palaru in Andhra Pradesh which would adversely affect the livelihood of farmers in the northern districts.

The Centre must take immediate steps to provide citizenship to migrant Sri Lankan Tamils in the State, and also ensure the welfare of 4.50 lakh Sri Lankan Tamils living within iron fencing in the northern province of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government must be urged to expedite rehabilitation measures to ensure the welfare of the innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Sexual assault against women was increasing day by day in the country and it was very shameful to note that politicians as well as religious leaders were involved in such scandals, he said.

CPI district secretary Chandra Babu, town secretary Esakkimuthu and other district office-bearers were present.

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