They were given transfer certificates on failure to pay fees fixed by the management

Thanks to the timely intervention of the Madras High Court, 24 students of Doveton Higher Secondary School, who were issued transfer certificates, have been readmitted.

They were all given transfer certificates by the institution on their failure to pay the fees fixed by the management. The parents of these students had filed writ petitions challenging the action of the school and prayed to order re-admit the students.

The parents contended that they were not liable to pay the fees fixed by the management.

The dispute was not settled even after the educational year commenced. Justice K.K.Sasidharan directed the parents and the management to be present to resolve this issue. The parties have agreed for an equitable order on June 28.

As per the order, the parents were asked to pay 50 per cent of the fees. The school correspondent was directed to admit the students in concerned classes.

Since the relationship of the management with the parents concerned was not cordial at that time, the court also directed the father not to accompany the student during re-admission and said only the mother should accompany the student to the institution and remit fees. Accordingly, the judge also asked them to file a compliance report.

When the matter came up for hearing on Thursday before Mr.Justice Sasidharan, counsel for both sides submitted that the parents had given individual letters of apology and remitted fees. The management in turn said it had re-admitted all the students and they were attending classes.