History of sorts was created when the Madras High Court facilitated emergency living donor liver transplant for a patient from Perambalur over the weekend.

M. Sivaprakasam of Perambalur suffered from liver failure and underwent liver transplant at Global Hospitals here last week, during which he received a cadaveric liver from Karnataka. His body rejected the organ and he required an immediate second surgery.

That was when Justice N. Paul Vasanthakumar of the Madras High Court intervened so that the patient would get a second organ and have a good chance of survival. 

The second part of the story started when Sivaprakasm’s wife Anbarasi petitioned the court because procedural formalities would come in the way of getting the second transplant.

To receive a part liver from a living donor, his relative in this case, the case would have to be represented at the Authorisation Committee under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act.

Since this would take time, in the normal course of affairs, she approached the court. 

Considering the gravity of the situation, Mr. Justice Vasanthakumar on Friday, directed the authorities to consider the request of a woman expeditiously and issue orders as per law. 

Special Government Pleader M.C. Swamy said that he immediately spoke to Director of Medical Services, P. Vamsadhara, to communicate the court order to the committee. She responded positively and things moved fast subsequently.

The patient received his second liver early on Saturday.

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