Describing as “right decision” the six-month suspension of driving licence of two drivers, the Madras High Court said strict implementation of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act would have a deterrent effect on drivers and will in turn minimise the number of accidents.

Justice N. Paul Vasanthakumar was passing orders on petitions by A. Sekar, a private vehicle driver, and P Ganapthy, a State transport corporation bus driver, who caused two deaths in two separate incidents of rash and negligent driving.

Declining to revoke the six-month suspension of their driving licences, the Judge said the orders, suspending the driving licences, had been passed in public interest and to prevent danger to public safety.

Sekar's licence was suspended after the accident he caused near Puralaipalayam.

He was arrested and the criminal case is still pending. His licence was cancelled for a period from July 6, 2010 to January 5, 2011.

Ganapathy caused an accident during a trip from Hosur to Sulagiri. One person was killed.

His licence was suspended from May 13 to November 12, 2010.

The two drivers submitted that merely on registration of a criminal case their licences should not have been suspended and that they were yet to be found guilty by the trial court.

Justice Paul Vasanthakumar, however, rejected their submissions, saying the number of accidents and deaths was increasing due to carelessness and improper driving.

Citing road accident statistics since 1993, the judge said a study had revealed that more than 90.3 per cent of the deaths occurred due to drivers' negligence.

Strict implementation of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act was required not only at the time of issue of driving licence but even after that, the judge said.

Right decision

Justice Paul Vasanthakumar said the suspension of licence should be treated as a right decision, and hence he would not interfere with the decision of the regional transport officers concerned.