V.C. Kulandaiswamy, vice-president of the International Association of Tamil Research (IATR), has called upon all political parties in the State to accept Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi’s invitation for participation in the International Conference on Classical Tamil to be held in Coimbatore in June 2010.

In a statement, Dr. Kulandaiswamy said: “The conference, coming after the declaration of Tamil as a Classical Language, will help to establish that Tamil is an equal partner with Sanskrit in the literary, spiritual and philosophical heritage of the Indian sub-continent. It is only appropriate that all political parties share this honour and demonstrate that political parties in position and in opposition in Tamil Nadu could come together on worthy causes and do not take uncompromisingly hostile stand on all issues.”

Recalling that the last international conference on Tamil was held at Thanjavur 14 years ago, he said the Chief Minister’s announcement on the meet on Classical Tamil had been received “with great satisfaction” by the Tamils in India and abroad. “It is an extremely happy augury and a move with great potential for the future of Tamil that the Chief Minister has extended an invitation to all the political parties to support the conference and participate in various committees.”

He appealed to leaders of the parties to graciously accept the Chief Minister’s invitation and make the conference a great success.

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